of Southern Colorado

Our Mission

Vision: To end human trafficking, thereby reducing suffering and making our community safer.

The mission of the Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado is to build a collaboration of organizations and individuals to reduce human suffering caused by human trafficking, through advocacy, awareness, rehabilitation, and services for survivors.

You are invited to join the Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado and many other concerned citizens in imagining our community without human trafficking on October 19th.

For some, opening your eyes to the tangled web of suffering that currently exists is the first step. For others well aware of the horrors, you have been aching for an opportunity to join this cause. We created October 19th for both of you.

IMAGINE is an inspirational and interactive forum to end modern day slavery in Colorado.

Nine speakers will lead us through information, inspiration and involvement.

Find out what is happening in our backyard and discover how your gifts and abilities are the answer to real needs in the fight.

Join us at IMAGINE
October 19, 2013 9AM - 4PM
YWAM, 505 Popes Bluff, Colorado Springs
(near 1-25 and Garden of the Gods)

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Questions? Email is at: info@ht-colorado.org

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