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April 2014 - Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
5:30 - 7:00 pm

First United Methodist Church, Room 21, Basement
420 N Nevada Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Our guest speaker was Dr. Setan Aaron Lee with Transform Asia.

Rev. Setan Lee's life has been blessed with so many miracles that it is almost more than anyone can grasp, beginning with his miraculous survival from the infamous Killing Fields of Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime (1975-1979). While still teenagers, He and his wife, Randa, were enslaved in these fields, not knowing each day if they would survive. He was 17 years old and Randa was 13. While running through the jungle trying to escape his captors, Setan miraculously learned about the "Lord of the Universe" and that His name is Jesus. He immediately became a Christian. Through a series of miracles from a God they did not know, even though the two had never met, Setan and Randa both escaped the Killing Fields and found their way to a refugee camp in Thailand. They soon immigrated to Aurora, Colorado in 1980.

Dr. Lee had finished High School in Battambang, Cambodia, and had started studying at the University (majoring in the medical field) with the goal of becoming a physician. This of course was halted by the Khmer Rouge. As soon as possible after he arrived in Aurora, Colorado, he began to finish his education at the Colorado Christian University. Setan also attended the Denver Seminary, and received an Honorary Doctorate of Letter from Toccoa Falls College of Georgia. Later, he was ordained as a minister of the Gospel by the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

They were very grateful for their new life in the United States, but neither Setan nor Randa could forget their homeland and the devastation they left behind. They will forever remember their family members and friends who perished among over three million people killed by the Khmer Rouge. Through yet another series of miracles, Setan returned to Cambodia to take the Gospel to that lost Nation, and to help the extremely poor people who were struggling to survive their poverty. He and his wife are the founders of TRANSFORMASIA. Currently, they have a number of projects in Cambodia, including, a home for girls brought out of the sex trade, a Trade School to teach skills to prevent young people being caught up in the sex trade, orphanages, a day care center, a feeding center, medical ministries, and are actively involved in church planting. They currently have 36 churches working through TransformAsia. They are working diligently at this time to also build a Christian University a few miles north of Phnom Penh, where they can educate the people to help spread the Gospel, but also teaching them skills to help rebuild the infrastructure of Cambodia.

It is the desire of Setan Lee to see his country rebuilt around a people who have come to know, love, and serve the Living God. His recent book, "Miracles in the Forgotten Land and Beyond" tells his life story and details the work currently going on through TransformAsia in Cambodia. Their life story was also made into a docu-drama by Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) in 1998.

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