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August 2016 - Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, August 9, 2016
5:30 - 7:00 pm

First United Methodist Church, Room 21, Basement
420 N Nevada Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Our guest speaker was Brad Riley of iEmpathize.
Brad Riley wants to live in a world where people are filled with empathy for others and are no longer exploited for someone else's personal gain. Brad is the Founder and President of iEmpathize. He has been a non-profit innovator for over 20 years and leads with a culture of creativity and collaboration resulting in effective strategies, projects and partnerships that have garnered international attention. Brad and the work of iEmpathize have been showcased and recognized by the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, the Women in the World Summit at Lincoln Center, the United Nations, and more.

Brad's years spent traveling and living among diverse cultures and people has shaped his perspective and continually guides his methodology. In 2006, Brad visited SE Asia to explore potential partnerships with anti-trafficking efforts. His encounters with child victims and survivors of sexual exploitation, in addition to many years of empowering inner city youth, had a profound impact. His passion for empathy and action was ignited, leading him and a small group of friends to start iEmpathize in 2009. He believes that a multi-sector approach is key to social transformation. He is a sought-after speaker and inspires people to empathize and engage issues of injustice.

Brad serves as the executive producer of iEmpathize documentaries, curricula, campaigns, and exhibits.

iEmpathize website: iempathize.org

                    Our meetings are open to organizations and individuals who are interested in stopping
                    Modern Day Slavery, especially in our community.

                    For meeting information, please contact:
                    Roger Patrizio, Chairman rogerphttf@gmail.com
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