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September 2017 - Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
5:30 - 7:00 pm

First United Methodist Church, Room 21, Basement
420 N Nevada Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Our guest speaker was Kelly Dore from Extended Hands of Hope.

Kelly joined Extended Hands of Hope as the Development Director in April as a fundraiser to promote and expanding the mission of EHH, creating more relationships within the Community and its partners. She has a degree in social work and has a private counseling practice that focuses on Human Trafficking survivors and empowering them as they heal. She is also a former County Commissioner who has worked extensively in the field of Human Trafficking and uses her life experiences to create awareness, educate communities, track legislation and help create new laws to support victims of Human Trafficking. This role afforded her the opportunity to sit on many boards on State and National Levels and be heavily involved in educating lawmakers and raising money for various non-profits for Human Trafficking, as well as be an advisor to key legislation at the White House.
Kelly has worked with many National level organizations in Washington, DC to fundraise, educate Congressional members and publicly speak about the various forms of Human Trafficking. She will continue to play a key role for various national groups and the White House to fight to end modern day slavery. She is also an Ambassador with Shared Hope International and is currently writing a presentation that focuses on the signs of familial trafficking for them, as well as has begun a small non-profit that focuses on providing family support for spouses and partners of trafficked survivors and their parenting education for with their children.

                    Our meetings are open to organizations and individuals who are interested in stopping
                    Modern Day Slavery, especially in our community.

                    For meeting information, please contact:
                    Roger Patrizio, Chairman rogerphttf@gmail.com
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