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April 2019 - Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, April 9, 2018
5:30 - 7:00 pm

First United Methodist Church, Room 21, Basement
420 N Nevada Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Our guest speaker was Andy Shaffer

Andy Shaffer's affiliation with International Justice Mission, or IJM, began four years ago when, like most good things in his life, his wife Sarah had a proposal - should they contribute to a 'help a child in danger" fund? In that moment of providence, capacity, and urgency, they had their first taste of what working with IJM would be. Andy's involvement with IJM has grown steadily over the last 4 years. Beginning by becoming freedom partners, they have gone on to lead a small group bible study, host a number of IJM events in their home, and visited the Dominican Republic Field Office. In 2017, Andy was asked to serve as the Team Leader for the Colorado Front Range Volunteer Leadership Team. This has been a genuinely humbling experience and it's brought him and Sarah (now the Co-Leader for the team) closer to the mission of Justice. Here in Colorado, Andy, Sarah, and the rest of IJM's Volunteer Leadership Team is combating injustice around the world by marshaling political, financial, and spiritual resources to combat trafficking and violence against the poor. Over the last two years Andy and Sarah have worked with IJM headquarters to grow the volunteer team from it's original 5 members up to it's current 16. The team is still growing up and down the front range, and even on the western slope.

In addition to his day job and working with IJM, Andy likes to think he has other interests such as mountain biking (he crashes a lot), hiking (who has the time), and embarrassing his 9 and 13 year old daughters (he's actually pretty good at this one).

                    Our meetings are open to organizations and individuals who are interested in stopping
                    Modern Day Slavery, especially in our community.

                    For meeting information, please contact:
                    Roger Patrizio, Chairman info@ht-colorado.org
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